The 2022 Insurance Market Awards Gala

2022 Insurance Market Awards Gala

Excellence, performance, values and professionalism from the insurance, brokerage and private pension industries received due recognition in the XXII edition of the Insurance Market Awards Gala offered by PRIMM Magazine – Insurance & Pensions.

The professionals of these markets gathered on Thursday, August 25, to receive, honor or applaud the best results obtained in the previous year, the successfully launched products, the innovation in the field and the dynamism in the activity.

During the 2022 Insurance Market Awards Gala, DESTINE Broker received the award for Service Quality – Retail

This year, the Main Partners of the 2022 Insurance Market Awards Gala were Life is Hard, Chiric & Chiric and S&T, as Partners joined the companies eClaims Assistance,, Asisoft and FivePlus, with the support and involvement of Frame Advertising.

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