CIGNA Health Insurance

asigurare de santate cigna

This insurance was created for active persons that travel and wish to explore this wonderful world being focused on the joy of life and on fascinating experiences, without any boundaries or limitations. It doesn’t matter the country where you travel or the country where you come from, the local issues of a health system will not be an issue for the policy holder.

DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE brings in Romania the first international health insurance product dedicated to expats – a product that allows you to access medical care anywhere in the world, with terms of your choosing. What makes Destine Broker different from its competitors is the constant care for our customers, the risk assessment we do and last but not the least, custom solutions for maximum protection.

CIGNA is one of the largest health insurance companies in the USA. Our mission is to help customers enhance their healthcare and to offer the complete safety of medical services. CIGNA along with its subsidiaries, offers health insurance programs that include coverage for hospitalization, urgent medical care, medicine procurement, ophthalmology, dentistry.

CIGNA started the development process in Philadelphia and Hardford, USA and today is an international company. It serves over 60 million customers through 30.000 employees. CIGNA International offers access to medical insurance services for individuals but also for larger groups. With more that 30 years of international experience, CIGNA is a market leader for providing health insurance services for multinational companies. Giving some numbers, CIGNA offers services for more than 700.000 people that work in countries different from where they were born, through more than 2000 international companies.

In Romania, CIGNA has a market presence through DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE, committing to its customer needs and offering international health insurance services. With only 3 USD/day you benefit from a medical insurance with 3 million USD coverage (*for a 30 years old person with business in Europe).

The medical insurance by CIGNA is available in 3 different plans with different coverage and it represents the essential international medical care.


  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Covers the hospitalization expenses, accommodation and medical services like:

  1. Surgical interventions and consultation costs
  2. Operation room
  3. Intensive Therapy
  4. Ambulance services
  5. Psychiatric treatment
  6. Maternity and Birth (for Gold and Platinum Plan)
  7. Organ transplant, bone marrow and stem cells
  8. Analyzes and tests
  9. Cancer treatment
  10. Renal dialysis
  11. Prostheses, devices and devices
  12. Rehabilitation treatments

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