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When you are driving, under the stress of traffic, when you are at risk of an accident, mandatory auto civil liability policy, in short RCA, is the best ally. Although RCA insurance is a mandatory one, not all insurance companies offer the same services. Consultants DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE – REINSURANCE can help you choose your RCA insurer, so when you are involved in a road accident that you are guilty of, your responsibility is protected to the highest quality standards.

Contracting a RCA policy

RCA insurance has a well-defined purpose – the victim of a car accident must be compensated for damages suffered (material, body injury), regardless of the material situation of the person who caused the event. The RCA policy is completed for all vehicles registered or subject to registration in Romania.

Insurers authorized to conclude RCA policies

The insurance companies authorized by ASF to issue RCA policies are: Allianz-Tiriac, Asirom, City Insurance, Euroins, Groupama Asigurari, Generali Romania, Omniasig, Uniqa Asigurari and Grawe Romania.

RCA price

RCA policy rates are set by each insurer authorized to sell this type of insurance and take into account various elements such as vehicle’s cylinder capacity, accident history (bonus-malus system), the age of the policyholder, the liability limits of the policy and so on. The bonus-malus system is an important factor in calculating the RCA policy price, as it shows the insured’s record of the damage caused in a given reference period. All RCA policies are inscribed by insurers in the CEDAM database, which also includes the history of damage, starting in 2010.

The price of an RCA policy is unique, whether it was purchased directly from the insurer or purchased through a broker.

Risks covered

The risks covered by the RCA policy, according to the legislation in force, are the following:

  • Material damage, bodily injury or death, products of the insured’s guilty party
  • Damage caused by the unauthorized use of the damaged vehicle
  • The costs compensated for the injured party
Compensation limits

The RCA policy has, starting 2012, the following compensation limits:

  • 1.220.000 EUR/event, for material damages
  • 6.070.000 EUR/event, for body damages and death

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