Management of high risk RCA policyholders

Attention !!! The information in this section applies to you if:

  • you have 3 insurance offers in the validity period, from 3 different insurers;
  • the offers are for insurance periods of 12 months;
  • all insurance premiums from the offers received (excluding the rate for direct settlement and without the premium for additional clauses and coverages), to be higher, at the date of the forms provided, than: the reference tariff for the vehicle (see below) X factor N (see below) X the coefficient for the bonus-malus class applicable to the vehicle for which the insurance is requested (see below).
high risk RCA policyholders
high risk RCA policyholders


  • The vehicle for which the insurance is requested: Dacia Logan; cylindrical capacity: 1,461cm
  • Owner: natural person; 45 years old
  • Bonus-malus class for the vehicle for which the insurance is requested: B4
  • Insurance offers received (without the rate for direct settlement and without the premium for additional clauses and coverages): 950 lei, 975 lei and 999 lei

High risk premium = 854 lei X 1.36 X 80% = 929 lei

The high risk premium is lower than the received offers, so the request falls into the category of high risk insured and can appeal to BAAR for the allocation of the insurance contract.
If you want to learn more about the management of high risk RCA policyholders contact a Destine Broker consultant here.

CAREFUL!!! You can request an offer from BAAR only if the insurance premiums offered by at least 3 MTPL insurers for 12 months are 36% higher than the reference rate, related to the risk segment you are part of. Therefore, the increase does not refer to the insurance premium you paid on the previous policy / last year, but to the reference tariff in force, published by ASF.

Steps to follow:

Fill in the offer application form (see below) and send it accompanied by the supporting documents indicated therein, to the Romanian Motor Insurers’ Office in one of the following ways:

  • email:
  • fax: 004 021 319 13 01
  • posta: str. Vasile Lascar nr. 40 – 40 bis, et. 6, sect. 2, Bucuresti, cod postal 020502

What you need to know:

After submitting the application and the supporting documents, the settlement lasts a maximum of 20 days, during which time;

  • BAAR verifies if your request is admissible and will communicate the result of the verifications;
  • If you fall into the category of high risk insured, BAAR will communicate the insurance premium and the insurer to which you can conclude the insurance contract. The contract can be concluded within 10 days from the communication.

Careful!!! If the request is incomplete and / or is not accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents, their retransmission is considered as the resumption of the procedure, the term of 20 days starting to run from the retransmission date.

For additional information, use the following contact details:


High risk insured offer request form

Law no. 132/2017 of May 31, 2017 on the compulsory motor third party liability insurance for damages caused to third parties by vehicle and tram accidents (Extras)

ASF Standard No. 20/2017 of July 27, 2017 on car insurance in Romania (Extras)

ASF decision no. 1072 / 02.08.2016 regarding the procedure of management by BAAR of the high risk insured

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Reference rates

Table with coefficients related to bonus-malus classes