RCA & CASCO Insurance

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Even though RCA is a mandatory insurance, not all insurance companies offer this service. Our DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE consultants, will help you choose the perfect RCA insurer, so that in case of any car accident, you have the best protection possible.

The RCA insurance has a well defined purpose – in case of a car accident, the injured has to mandatory receive compensation for the any suffered damages (material or body damages), regarding of the financial situation of the guilty driver. The RCA policy is closed for all cars registered or in course of registration in Romania.

Insurance companies authorized to offer RCA insurance

The insurance companies authorized by the Financial Supervision Authority are: Allianz-Tiriac, Asirom, City Insurance, Euroins, Groupama Asigurari, Generali Romania, Omniasig, Uniqa Asigurari and Grawe Romania.


DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE offers consulting services regarding the risks of which the company cars are exposed to and can recommend you to purchase the appropriate protection, through fast and efficient access to the best CASCO products.

CASCO is a voluntary insurance, on the basis of which the insurance company pays compensation for almost any damage suffered by the insured vehicle. Not mandatory by law, the decision to conclude a CASCO insurance contract belongs to the owner of the motor vehicle, whether natural or legal. In the case of vehicles purchased by leasing, CASCO insurance is mandatory and the price of the policy is paid by the user, while the insured is the leasing company.

As the CASCO insurance offers are very different from one insurer to atnother, it would be best that such an insurance policy to be closed through a broker that has the necessary experience to analyze all the risks that need to be covered and to identify the available products on the market that will covers those risks in a very efficient manner.

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