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Essential Care Insurance

Key characteristics

  • Up to 150.000 lei in case of diagnosis of a serious disease
  • Telemedicine 24/7
  • Telediagnosis – the second medical opinion

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We know that life can be challenging at times, which is why we’ve created the Essential Care Insurance from Metropolitan Life especially for you, and if you’re financially protected you can enjoy more and be there for your loved ones.

You have financial coverage for the following:

as detailed in Article 17 “Medical conditions and procedures covered by insurance”.

Detailed in Article 17 “Medical conditions and procedures covered by insurance”:

  • Coronary artery bypass surgery;
  • Cardiovascular surgery for the treatment of heart valve pathology;
  • Organ/bone marrow transplantation;
  • Neurosurgery

Telediagnosis – Second medical opinion

You have free access to a second medical opinion from a team of internationally recognised medical experts.

Telemedicine Service

Extra benefit that accompanies you throughout your insurance contract, – when you need any quick medical advice, or maybe even support for a healthy lifestyle.

With a comprehensive package of benefits, you will receive the insured amount of your choice in the event of a diagnosis of cancer or a disease requiring complex surgical intervention, as mentioned. With the Essential Care Insurance you can have the peace of mind you need for the long term, maintain your standard of living and never give up on what you set out to do.

In order to better understand this Essential Care insurance we invite you to schedule an appointment with a Destine Broker consultant, here.

Care. Protection. Peace of mind.

Asigurarea Essential Care este noul produs ce raspunde nevoilor tale de protectie în cazul diagnosticarii cu o afectiune grava.

Telediagnosis or Second Medical Opinion

medical guidance from renowned specialists at world-class academic hospitals

each medical opinion is rendered by specialists who are selected based on their expertise, the requirements of the case and the type of medical information provided

live connectivity to WorldCare Consortium® hospitals, WorldCare is able to ensure that each case is followed up

can organise audio conferences between the specialist and the consultant, when necessary to discuss the case and any concerns and questions related to treatment

members and referring doctors have the option to ask follow-up questions to the consulting specialists

by reducing the occurrence of misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment

members can use the WorldCare service without travelling or interrupting daily activities

in complex cases, WorldCare organises independent SMOs from two separate institutions at no extra cost to the member

remote consultations are transmitted to members and referring doctors without the need to make arrangements, appointments and travel

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine includes a variety of tools and platforms that allow doctors to connect with patients in an easy way, as well as with each other. Telemedicine between patients and doctors is most commonly seen as:

  • A real-time audio-video or telephone communication linking doctors and patients in different locations;
  • An online platform that collects images and data to be interpreted later;
  • Remote patient monitoring tools, such as blood pressure monitoring devices, Bluetooth-enabled digital scales, and other wearable devices that communicate biometric data for review;
  • Online digital visits and/or short check-in services provided via communication technology that is used to assess whether or not an office visit is warranted ( through patient portal, smartphone).


From home or anywhere

Whether you’re at home, at work or travelling, Telios* is the perfect solution when you need a specialist medical consultation that doesn’t require a visit to the emergency room.

Comprehensive medical services

You get advice and answers about your condition, diagnosis, a suitable treatment plan and prescription medication if needed.

Integrated healthcare

Telios offers you a complete platform to connect with certified healthcare professionals in over 23 medical specialties.

Available 24/7

You can access the service any day and time, including weekends and public holidays, with no time limit, so that your problem is solved with a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Why Telemedicine?

70% of medical visits can be handled by telemedicine

How to access the Telemedicine service:

Access the online platform, where you will create your user account using your certicate number (unique number from your Essential Care insurance policy) and a password set by you.

By contacting the Telios Call Centre on: 0373787 800

*Telios Care S.A. : telemedicine company from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Contact: +40 373 78 78 00,

Call Telios for a consultation

Call 0373 787 800 and you are directed to doctors and specialists in according to your symptoms and needs.

You get care medical care

Talk to a doctor as much as you need to get your problem solved quickly and efficiently

Get proper treatment

Our doctors offer you treatment recommendations and medication prescription, if needed

You are monitored after the consultation

An assistant will call you back to check your state of health and discuss the following steps

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