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Renewable Energy Systems

Key characteristics

  • Contract length: 1 – 6 years
  • Maximum amount: 150.000 LEI (VAT included)
  • “All Risks” coverage

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Renewable Energy Systems Insurance for Natural Persons

Insurance can be taken out for durations between 1 and maximum 6 years, for new or already installed renewable energy systems (but not more than 2 years old), at a very good price, without being conditional on the existence of a PAD policy and an Optional Home Insurance.

Insurance can be taken out by natural persons for systems whose value with VAT does not exceed 150.000 lei.

Renewable Energy Systems car powered from sun

The purpose of insurance

  • On-grid, off-grid and hybrid photovoltaic system consisting of panels, inverter and Smart Meter, mounting structure, cables, connectors and mounting accessories, batteries, etc.;
  • Solar system;
  • Heat pump;
  • Electric car charging station but only together with photovoltaic panels;

Risks covered by Renewable Energy Systems Insurance


Cover is “All Risks” – this means that the insurer will pay for any loss or damage to insured equipment which occurs unexpectedly or for any unforeseen reason (other than those stated below as Exclusions).

In order to better understand this type of insurance we invite you to schedule an appointment with a Destine Broker consultant, here.

Coverage includes, but is not limited to, damage caused by:

  • Natural phenomena (storm, hail, flood, windstorm, earthquake, weight of snow or ice cover, landslides, rock or earth falls, landslides or landslides, avalanches, etc.);
  • Burglary or robbery, vandalism (whether or not occasioned by theft);
  • Accidental damage to insured objects;
  • Electrical phenomena, produced by electric arcs, induction, short circuit or overvoltage;
  • Fire, lightning, explosion, falling aerial or ground objects, etc.;

Among the EXCLUSIONS, we list:

  • Damage as a result of research, testing or intentional overloading;
  • Damage to insured equipment resulting from:
    – normal wear and tear due to the operation / functioning of the insured equipment;
    – corrosion, decomposition, oxidation, cavitation;
    – cleaning, deposits or other sediments;
  • Claims for compensation made as a result of any defect or damage covered by the manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty;

The full list of exclusions and their definition can be found in Conditions of Insurance.


The insurance covers insured events produced by renewable energy systems installed on the territory of Romania.

Renewable Energy Systems for houses

In addition to the cover included in Standard Package, depending on the insurer chosen, the customer can also opt for other useful coverages such as:

Within the limit of 15% of the insured amount of the insured equipment, the following are also indemnified:

  • expenditure to prevent an imminent insured event;
  • expenses in connection with limiting the effects of an insured event;
  • the cost of dismantling and/or relocating the insured equipment;
  • expenses in connection with the clean-up (removal of debris) of the place where the damage occurred;

In the event of an Insured Event, additional costs incurred as a result of the loss of energy production and its purchase from the electricity supplier are also covered during the period of damage repair.

Up to 20.000 RON are compensated the damages caused to the roof, on which the insured equipment is permanently mounted, if the damage to the roof occurred as a result of the same Insured Event that caused the damage to the equipment.

Up to RON 20,000 is covered for the cost of repairing the roof, if the damage was caused by burglary or theft of permanently mounted equipment.

Up to 20.000 RON are covered the costs of repairing damaged property owned by the Insured, if the damage to such property occurred as a result of falling panels forming part of the photovoltaic/solar installation, caused by an Insured Event.

Up to 50.000 RON is also covered the civil liability of the Insured for property damage caused by the insured equipment, unintentionally, to third parties and their property, for Property Damage and/or Bodily Injury.

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