Clients can pay the insurances through a POS application

DESTINE Broker announces that it is the first broker in Romania to use the Tap to Phone solution provided by Alpha Bank, in order to accept contactless payments.


We are entering a new era of digital payments: no special equipment or technical knowledge is required to install and use the application on the Android mobile phone, which automatically turns into a payment terminal. It is probably one of the most important innovations in the area of payments and the digitalization of card operations is increasing “, said Marius LASLO, Executive Director, DESTINE Broker, for


We started the search to identify a solution that would support us in reconciling policies, payments for them or rates due to the fact that our assistants are mobile, and the use of a physical POS was quite cumbersome. We wanted something innovative, safe, that would we facilitate its work, to be effective and financially. the solution we have been provided by Alpha Bank Romania and its called Alpha PhonePOS “he added.



Thus, in the next period, the broker will proceed to the implementation of this application and to all assistants who will want to use this payment system. “The integration was easier for us, because DESTINE Broker already had an application developed for brokerage assistants, provided by BrokerNet and thus it was quite easy to link the information from the issuing platform with the PhonePOS application in order to reconcile payments.” , stated Marius LASLO.


The flow is as follows: the assistant who has to issue a policy or wants to collect a rate for which the client requests payment by card, transmits the information to the BrokerNet telephone application and, from there, the assistant can opt for payment by card. From that moment the BrokerNet application opens the Alpha PhonePOS application, the client brings the phone card closer, enters the PIN code and the transaction is performed.

Everything happens securely, without entering amounts or other data by human users, and communication between applications is done in an encrypted format.


Customers can pay the insurance policies, with the card, through the POS application on the agents’ phone.


The application allows the acceptance of contactless payments under 100 RON, but also of payments over 100 RON, the authorization of the transaction by the cardholder being made by entering the PIN code. Data security is ensured by the solution called “PIN on Glass”, certified in accordance with VISA and Mastercard standards.

During the payment process, protection is provided by the EMV L2 Contactless kernel certified according to EMV standards.

The application uses a mobile phone, a tablet or a PDA that allows the activation of the NFC function and instantly transforms the device into a POS terminal.


“The simplicity of use, the low costs and the flexibility of this technology ensure a complete, efficient experience, adapted to the current market conditions of the 21st century and ensure total mobility for our collaborators”, added Marius LASLO.