Interview – Marius Laslo, Executive Director, DESTINE Broker

Asked by XPRIMM Publications how the insurance distribution has changed in 2020, Marius LASLO, Executive Director, DESTINE Broker, says that online sales have increased, but not as spectacularly as expected.

Customers want to interact with insurance distributors where they can get more information and clarify issues related to the insurance products they want to purchase, “said Marius LASLO, noting that more complex insurance products are more difficult to implement. and sold through online.

At the same time, in 2020 – the period marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Director of DESTINE Broker noticed an increase in interest in health insurance.


Marius LASLO also answered the following questions:

How did you adapt your activity in 2020, in the conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic?
M.L .:
DESTINE Broker has taken all the measures imposed by the authorities. The vast majority of DESTINE employees work from home, which required a serious investment in technology and logistics. It was not easy. We had to think very well about the whole workflow, for the activity to take place in good conditions, and to find the technical and software solutions to do that. Almost all activities are done remotely. For meetings, but also for the interaction with our collaborators, we use the ZOOM platform.

For the protection of customers, we recommended sending premium statements by e-mail or other applications, so customers can pay premiums and premium rates via internet banking or by card. We have implemented the card payment system for customers, by sending them a payment link from the DESTINE issuing platform. Also, DESTINE has been using an offline client application for almost 2 years, developed by BrokerNet, through which IDD and DNT documents can be signed, policies can be issued and they can be paid by internet banking or by card.

What marked you the most during this period?
M.L .:
There are several aspects: the lack of physical interaction with our collaborators, the courses we had to hold online. We also miss the meetings with the insurers with the insurance market. We had to make considerable efforts to adapt to the current situation.

What are your expectations from 2021? How do you see the evolution of the activity in the insurance industry?
M.L .:
These are answers that are difficult to give due to the global situation the world is going through. We hope that this pandemic will enter a downward trend, given the imminent appearance of vaccines. We also hope that the economic situation will not deteriorate much and that the authorities will take wise measures in this regard.