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On the show Zodia Asigurărilor, in a special episode dedicated to travel insurance, two experts in the field were invited: Sorin Cornea, Marketing Director at Destine Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, and Laura Popescu, General Manager of Nova Destine Assistance, an international travel assistance company.

These specialists offered advice and shared essential information about the importance of holiday policies and how they can prevent unforeseen events and guide policyholders to a worry-free trip.

The importance of travel insurance

A recent survey was also brought up, according to which at least 77% of Romanians have taken at least one holiday in the last 12 months. This underlines the growing importance we place on travel and the need to be prepared for the unpredictable. Sorin Cornea, Marketing Director of Destine Broker, presented a broad view on the subject, highlighting the crucial role insurance plays in a smooth and worry-free holiday experience.

 partner for travel insurance

Sorin underlined the importance of considering travel insurance abroad, whether it is for an individual, family or business trip. He pointed out that such policies can provide valuable financial protection against unforeseen events that could involve additional costs. In the event of unpleasant situations, such as accidents, medical problems or lost luggage, it can provide financial cover and rapid assistance, thus removing potential barriers and providing greater peace of mind and security while travelling.

Destine Holding Group offers a complete package of services

Within the group Destine Holding, with the launch of Destine Holidays, which offers complete and diversified holiday packages, brought an important expansion of the categories of intermediated services. The idea of offering such services came about before the pandemic and was materialised by entering into a strategic partnership with a travel company, which became part of the expert team.

“Obviously in this context, the fact that we are in such a large number and we cover the whole territory of Romania and not only with the number of authorized collaborators, more than 8000 authorized collaborators, definitely this new line of business has completed the typologies that we can intermediate, and our collaborators have the possibility to be clients that have in their portfolio and these typologies of services.” (Sorin Cornea)

Both Sorin Cornea and Laura Popescu presented in detail the benefits of travel insurance and medical assistance included, as well as how they can be purchased. In the discussion, some specific exclusions of travel policies, such as chronic illnesses, were also presented, with small exceptions, and how they work was explained in detail.

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Travel insurance and extended cover compared to the European Card

Another crucial issue discussed was the European Health Insurance Card. Laura Popescu and Sorin Cornea explained that although the card can provide certain medical benefits abroad, there are specific limitations and exclusions. In comparison, a travel insurance card offers extensive cover including emergency assistance, medical treatment, repatriation and more. This offers broader protection against unexpected risks and incidents that may arise during travel. Thus, experts stressed the importance of having a proper travel policy to benefit from comprehensive services and cover in case of unforeseen situations abroad.

Choose to be protected in case of trouble

Travel insurance has seen a significant increase in popularity, and this can largely be attributed to the following key reasons. During the pandemic, people were kept away from travel and now, with the relaxation of restrictions, there is an explosion in demand for them. It is interesting to note that in 2023, we are already about surpassing the pre-pandemic level of 2019. Thus, this would underline that people are not only back to the travel of yesteryear, but have even exceeded previous demand. The desire to explore the world and have new experiences has remained unaffected by the difficult period they have gone through.

The significant increase demonstrates the growing confidence people have in the importance of financial protection and medical assistance while travelling. So choosing the right policy can provide peace of mind when venturing to new destinations or resuming favourite journeys. Whether we are travelling with family or on business, travel insurance proves to be a reliable partner to protect us from unforeseen events and the extra costs they might entail.