Marius LASLO: More and more people have become aware of the need for insurance protection

“We expect an increase in the insurance market in 2022. During this period, more and more people have become aware of the need for insurance protection,” Marius LASLO, Executive Director, DESTINE Broker, told XPRIMM Publications.

A mini-interview with Marius LASLO was recently published in Revista PRIMM Asigurari & Pensii since December 2021. You can read it below:


How do you think the year 2021 was for the Romanian brokerage market and for the company you represent?

A challenging year with many surprises. The brokerage market followed the upward trend, reaching an intermediation rate of 67.45%. DESTINE Broker is also following this upward trend, with a market share of 6.09% (6-month ASF ratio). We have seen growth in almost all lines of business.

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to affect our business and lives, but the bankruptcy of CITY Insurance also came.


What are the effects of CITY Insurance bankruptcy on the market and customers and what are the solutions to limit them?

This bankruptcy causes us problems related to the situation of the clients of this company, which we have to advise for the choice of another insurer. We do not always find solutions for insurers in the Romanian market. Also, the clients who have registered damages must now contact the FGA and wait for the legal term for the start of the payment of the compensations by this one. We are with our clients and support them in their efforts and actions.


What do you think needs to be done in the market so that the industry does not face such bankruptcies?

If the whole market – insurers, authorities and brokers – complied with the law and worked in good faith and with care for the client, I think we would not end up in such situations.


What do you think are the solutions to the problems in the RCA segment? Would a state insurer resolve the situation?

We believe that a serious discussion between all parties involved in this segment could bring healthy solutions.


What do you expect from 2022? How do you see the evolution of the market?

We hope to get rid of the pandemic, to be able to live our lives normally and to be able to meet physically, in a much larger number, with our colleagues.

We expect an increase in the insurance market. During this period, more and more people became aware of the need for insurance protection.


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