Gala zone DESTINE BROKER March 2018

On 03.03.2018, the Plus-Value Zonal Gala took place in Dărmănești-Bacău, an event organized by an ambitious team within the Destine insurance-reinsurance broker.

Of the more than 1000 members of the team, spread in the counties of Bacău, Harghita, Covasna, Iași, Neamț and Brașov, approximately 200 people participated, along with members of the Destine staff, representatives of insurance partners, as well as mass XPRIMM team media.

During the event, the results of the work submitted were recognized and rewarded, in the direction of promoting and selling the intermediate products, their diversification and the development of the Destine business during 2017.

The winners of the event were:

  • personal sale: Chiriac Ionela
  • sale of optional policies: Angelescu Alexandra-Mariana
  • sale accident policies persons: Szasz Ferenc-Szabolcs
  • sale of civil liability policies: Duca Elena
  • sale of life policies: Șimon Mariana
  • police of the year: Ciornei Maria-Eugenia
  • team sale: Burcă Irina, Atanasov Sorin, Ferencz Iosefa Iuliana, Popa Ionică-Iulian
  • Plus-Value zonal broker of the year 2017: Popa Ionică-Iulian, Iftode Nicoleta, Astancăi Marta-Ana, Lache Oana-Irina, Lucaci Adriana, Drăgăstan Iulian

All the details of the event were finalized by the care of Destine shareholders, coordinating members of the team from the above counties:

  • Burcă Dănuț – Bacău
  • Toader Laurențiu – Harghita
  • Mahu Scorțanu Mariana – Bacău
  • Matieș Nicoleta – Bacău
  • Goșpei Mădălina – Bacău
  • Pascal Violeta – Bacău
  • Ciuchi Leonida – Bacău
  • Ladaru Florin Daniel – Bacău
  • Bors Gabriella – Harghita
  • Magyari Szuszana – Harghita
  • Antal Ovidiu – Brașov