DESTINE RAFFLE addressed to the insured

destine raffle

We celebrate the 15 years since the founding of the company with our customers, our partners and our collaborators.

This moment we want to remain a landmark for the future and thus we launch the largest action in the history of the company, and because the house is often considered the best price (asset) owned by a person or family, the action will aimed at the need and desire to protect this good.

”DESTINE RAFFLE addressed to the insured” campaign what they decide to conclude a new home insurance just got started…

125 PRIZES, consisting of VOUCHERS of 1,000 RON each, will be the subject of quarterly and final draws during one year, the period of the campaign.

We keep our fists clenched and work with the expertise of our employees in identifying the best insurance solutions!

You can find all the details about the Destine raffle in the campaign regulations: