Destine Broker and Brokerslink – A new successful partnership

Brokerlinks team at the conference in Brasil

With joy and excitement, Destine Broker announces its latest partnership with Brokerslink marking the beginning of a strong and innovative collaboration. We are pleased to share this news, which represents a significant step in the evolution and expansion of our services.

Destine Broker is the only company in Romania and the Republic of Moldova partner of Brokerslink which opens new horizons and brings added value to our business, partners and clients, strengthening our position in the industry.

About Brokerslink: An international perspective in brokerage and consulting

Brokerslink is a global brokerage and advisory company founded in 2004 and headquartered in Switzerland. This impressive entity owns and manages a worldwide network of independent brokers and specialist risk management firms with an active presence in 133 countries. With over 45,000 professionals, they are distinguished by their commitment to excellence and innovation in the field, providing tailored solutions worldwide.

Brokerslink’s Vision: Creating value and global access

Their mission is to create value for their partners and affiliates. Thus, by developing cross-border business, they provide easy access to markets around the world. The company stands out by providing a specialized and exclusive catalogue of products and facilities, addressing the specific needs of its clients. Brokerslink invests in the development of IT platforms, facilitating communication and conducting business globally. By sharing knowledge and organising training programmes, they aim to create an ecosystem in which their collaborators thrive and achieve the highest standard of competence.

Brokerslink Destine Broker logos

Strong partnerships with leading companies around the world

Brokerslink is supported by global market leaders and maintains trusted relationships built over the years. The company’s ongoing goal is to provide its brokers with revolutionary solutions. Through an extensive network comprising retail and reinsurance brokers, as well as specialist firms, Brokerslink ensures it can offer a broad spectrum of services. This includes experts in asset valuation, business continuity planning, captive providers, claims adjusters, technology specialists, risk management consultants and other essential industry professionals.

Destine Broker’s participation at the conference in Brazil

TheDestine Broker company was honored to be part of the 13th edition of the Brokerslink Conference, which took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on October 19-20, 2023. With over 360 participants from 88 countries, this international meeting was a significant moment for the global insurance community.
The event highlighted not only the strength and connection of the Brokerslink network, but also our ability to globally link. Supported by 28 sponsors and attended by 50 risk managers, the conference highlighted the importance of collaboration in the collective progress of the industry. This event provided a platform for presentations by 35 outstanding speakers and a networking space where attendees created memorable moments.
Thus, the Brokerslink 2023 Conference was a knowledge exchange and a celebration of our growing connections and collaborations.


A collaboration for the future

The partnership between Destine Broker and Brokerslink opens new horizons in the insurance world, adding the experience and international network of a prestigious company. We are happy to bring significant benefits to our clients through access to tailored solutions. With the support of top brokers and collaboration with specialists in various fields, we are ready to offer the best services. We look forward to building a bright future together where quality, innovation and commitment to customers are fundamental.