Conference “XPRIMM Time for Business – The Challenges of 2021”

XPRIMM Time for Business – The Challenges of 2021″, the first conference this year dedicated to the local insurance market, took place on Monday, January 25 this year, in a hybrid format, the event being hosted on the Zoom platform and broadcast live by the YouTube channel XPRIMM.

The conference discussed the hottest topics in the field, such as legislative challenges, market opportunities and risks in 2021, direct settlement on MTPL, health insurance, but also solutions for the development of home insurance.

Romeo BOCANESCU, General Director, DESTINE Broker:

  • As an observer of the transformations in the market in the last 20 years, I think I can say that the direct settlement measure is the one that will have the greatest impact in the normalization of the RCA market.
  • I welcome this initiative, it was necessary a long time ago, but it is good that it has come now, and yes, there is a danger of blocking the settlement between insurers.
  • We might expect a reset of prices, maybe that also means a normalization. As long as the degree of ownership of the insurer will be comparable, equal, and the prices will be fair, and the customer will know that he gets the right services.
  • As for us, we do everything we can to help our customers. Last year we organized many online courses, we managed to adapt to the transformations and I think that a young team was successful, because we benefited from their strength, energy and initiatives, together with the most experienced we managed to grow our business, what we want for this year as well.


  • In 2021 the role of the broker will be the same as before. Nothing changes. And so far we have focused on the education of the sales force, but also of the customer, as much as each of us could do and nothing will change in this regard.
  • Customers with secondary education in Romania are very well informed about life insurance and if this business area does not grow as it could grow, it is due to relatively low incomes. I support the idea of the deductibility of life insurance, which has been discussed several times, for several years now and has never reached a fair, sufficient amount, so as to encourage customers to take out life insurance.
  • For 2021, I am betting on a higher growth of the entire market and of brokerage in particular.