Choose an unique health insurance product

One year after the premiere in Romania of the international health insurance of the CIGNA GLOBAL IPMI group, the world’s leading provider of health, life, personal injury and related services, DESTINE continues to contribute to the development of this segment.

The analysis of market needs, as well as the successful implementation of this type of insurance has encouraged the American colossus CIGNA with over 200 years of experience, to invest in partnership with one of the most innovative brokers – DESTINES INSURANCE BROKER – REINSURANCE.

In this context, the product, initially dedicated to EXPATS, was completed with additional benefits, in the sense that it can be offered to Romanian citizens who want to access the most efficient and correct medical service of any provider in the world.

The product can be customized according to the individual needs of customers, removes restrictions on age and activity and can include the treatment of pre-existing conditions.

The new variant of the international health insurance is a perfect balance between the medical benefits really necessary for the client and the insurance premium, becoming at this moment the option no. 1 of any Romanian concerned about his health, but also of employers who want to offer employees the best protection, the guarantee of excellent medical services.

An additional benefit, both for the broker and for the client, is the huge investment of the insurer in DIGITALIZATION – a top platform meant to serve the client 24 hours a day, together with the most professional international customer relations team, located in over 30 states of the world.

DESTINE already offers the general public the opportunity to get instant offers, customize and even issue online policies in seconds, accessing the Link for customers on the official website WWW.DESTINE-BROKER.RO.