October Campaign – Home Insurance Month 2020

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues, but the other risks have not disappeared either. The 8th edition of the “October – Home Insurance Month” campaign reminds you how important it is to be # home safe, but also to take care of your home

2020 continues to be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. The first months of this year brought with them the first travel restrictions, the first quarantine periods and a fundamental change in the “social normal” until then: Romanians were forced, more than ever, to “stay home” for their safety. and loved ones.

“Forced”, therefore, by the virus to retreat to the safety of their home, the Romanians rediscovered the intimate and safe space of the house. The space of the house was thus redefined in “more than home” – the personal home became an office, school, fitness room, movie theater or place for online “outings” with friends. The situation will certainly continue until humanity finds a solution against the new coronavirus.

In this context, in which Romanians realize how important their home is, they must also understand how insurance can protect them, especially in the face of threats that have not disappeared with the appearance of the pandemic. ”


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