The 2023 Insurance Market Awards Gala

The 23rd edition of the Insurance Market Awards Gala was focused on recognizing performance and professionalism in the insurance industry. The event, traditionally organized by XPRIMM for the profile market in Romania, it represented an opportunity to celebrate the most outstanding results of companies and specialists in this field. 

At the meeting held on Thursday, August 24 at Loft Diplomat, opinion leaders, top professionals, and industry pioneers of these sectors gathered in a select setting to highlight and applaud the excellence represented by the results recorded during the year previous. Also, special attention was paid to the successfully launched products and the undeniable innovation that left its mark on the field, and the exemplary dynamism reflected in the diversity of the activities carried out.

During the Gala, DESTINE Broker received the Broker of the Year – Retail award

2023 Market Awards Gala

In addition to merit awards, the performances of brokers at the county and regional level were also brought to the public’s attention.

According to the classification, Destine Broker ranked country and regionally as follows:


  • 1st place – Bacău
  • 1st place – Bistrița-Năsăud
  • 1st place – Botoșani
  • 1st place – Călărași
  • 1st place – Caraș-Severin
  • 1st place – Ialomița
  • 1st place – Teleorman
  • 1st place – Tulcea
  • 1st place – Vaslui

  • 2nd place – Brașov
  • 2nd place – Cluj
  • 2nd place – Harghita
  • 2nd place – Iași
  • 2nd place – Prahova
  • 2nd place – Sălaj


  • 3rd place – Alba
  • 3rd place – Dolj
  • 3rd place – Giurgiu
  • 3rd place – Gorj
  • 3rd place – Hunedoara
  • 3rd place – Suceava

  • 4th place – Dâmbovița
  • 4th place – Galați
  • 4th place – Maramureș
  • 4th place – Neamț

  • 5th place – Vâlcea
  • 5th place – Vrancea


  • 1st place – Nord-Est
  • 1st place – Sud-Muntenia

  • 3rd place – Centru
  • 3rd place – Nord-Vest
  • 3rd place – Sud-Vest

  • 4th place – Sud-Est

  • 5th place – Vest

We invite you to watch the video below, in which Marius Laslo, the executive director of Destine Broker, receives this award and says a few words about the company’s recent activity.

This year, the 2023 Market Awards Gala was supported by the Main Partners LIFE IS HARD and Tbi Bank, and as Partners CHIRIC & CHIRIC and ASISOFT.