Legal Persons

Agricultural Insurance

asigurari agricole

DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE helps you, if you are a farmer, to identify the risks of which your crops are exposed and to obtain the appropriate protection through insurance. Through the agricultural insurance you can insure...

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Maritime Insurance

asigurari maritime asigurare maritima asigurare barci

DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE can help you identify the appropriate solution for: ship protection installations equipment and machinery for the ship in construction or repair equipment installed by subcontractors The maritime insurance offers financial compensation for...

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Civil Liability Insurance

asigurare de raspundere civila asigurare raspundere

The third party civil liability insurance protects you in case of any events, where you can be held responsible and that affects assets, integrity or the life of other persons. In such a situation, when...

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Employees Insurance

asigurare angajati asigurare pentru angajati asigurari angajati

Employees are the most important asset of your company and their efforts can be compensated also through insurance solutions, that bring extra benefits to the social and government insurances. ACCIDENT INSURANCE FOR EMPLOYEES Work accidents...

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Building and Assets Insurance

asigurare constructii asigurari pentru cladiri asigurare cladiri

DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE is the partner you need in identifying the risks for your business and the insurance product that will offer best protection in a manner that will bring you maximum efficiency in solving...

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CMR Insurance

asigurare marfa asigurare cmr

CMR is an insurance for mules and transported cargo that is absolutely indispensable  and mandatory by law in case of any intern or international transportation. The CMR policy's main beneficiary is the transporter and as...

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RCA & CASCO Insurance

asigurare rca si casco asigurare rca firme asigurare rca companii asigurare rca casco asigurare casco companii

RCA Even though RCA is a mandatory insurance, not all insurance companies offer this service. Our DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE consultants, will help you choose the perfect RCA insurer, so that in case of any car...

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CARGO Insurance

asigurare cargo asigurare cargo si bunuri

CARGO Insurance covers the risks of a transport operation while the beneficiary is the merchandise owner. Basically, you cover the owner's cargo during transport. The CARGO policy can be closed either for one transport, in...

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