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CMR Insurance

asigurare marfa asigurare cmr

CMR is an insurance for mules and transported cargo that is absolutely indispensable  and mandatory by law in case of any intern or international transportation. The CMR policy's main beneficiary is the transporter and as...

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RCA & CASCO Insurance

asigurare rca si casco asigurare rca firme asigurare rca companii asigurare rca casco asigurare casco companii

RCA Even though RCA is a mandatory insurance, not all insurance companies offer this service. Our DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE consultants, will help you choose the perfect RCA insurer, so that in case of any car...

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CARGO Insurance

asigurare cargo asigurare cargo si bunuri

CARGO Insurance covers the risks of a transport operation while the beneficiary is the merchandise owner. Basically, you cover the owner's cargo during transport. The CARGO policy can be closed either for one transport, in...

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