International Individual Health Insurance

Between 04 and 07 April 2016, Cigna Global IPMI organized a special event for the Destiny delegation in Scotland, UK, to mark the results of the partnership between the two companies registered in 2015 and to present the development strategies established for 2016.
The special experience of participating in the European operational core of Cigna formed by the two divisions located in Glasgow and Greenock was appreciated by our colleagues Alina Preda – Development Director, Ion Viorel Preda – Bucharest Representation, Ștefan Puntea – Suceava Representation, Emil Oltean – Cluj and Andrei Postelnicu Representation – Iași Representation.

With 85 million customers worldwide, CIGNA maintains itself as a customer-centered company, constantly focusing on its needs. Present in 30 countries and with over 35,000 employees, its future plans focus on:

INVESTMENT – Million dollar commitments to provide the best deal on the market

EXPERIENCE – Over 40 years of experience in health insurance for groups of expats

LOCATION – Intrinsic understanding of markets based on local teams

to achieve future goals, which are:

SCALABILITY – We become for expats the company from where they buy all types of products

CUSTOMER – We put customers at the center of every decision we make

PARTNERSHIP – Total devotion to the brokerage market, we grow our business together.