Destine Broker Gala Awards April 2018

DESTINE Broker, one of the most important intermediaries on the local market, organized, last weekend, the “Destine Awards Gala”, an event that has become a tradition in the company, in which over 500 people participated and over 250 prizes were offered.

“It is the eleventh event of this kind and it is perceived by all of us as the DESTINATION holiday,” said Romeo BOCANESCU, General Manager of DESTINE Broker.

“I could say that the balance sheets, quarterly, half-yearly, annual reports, etc., based on which various rankings are prepared at national level, only confirm the fact that the company’s performance is determined by all our employees and especially by those who “The only thing I am proud of is that I am part of the” DESTINe family “, a family that, I can say, has conceived real professionals in the insurance brokerage market”, added Romeo BOCANESCU .

DESTINE Broker ranks fourth on the brokerage market, with a market share of over 5% in 2017 and a volume of intermediated premiums of over 300 million lei, according to calculations made by XPRIMM Publications based on market shares submitted by ASF.

“In the moments offered by such events, we appreciate, recognize and reward those who, based on the company’s criteria, proved to be the best. So, at this event we awarded over 250 prizes, some of them being offered, according to their own criteria, by the companies we collaborate with, even if some of them do not operate in the insurance field “, explained the Director of DESTINE Broker.

According to him, the culminating moment was the awarding of prizes in the category: “Broker of the Year 2017”, on stage going up Mariana SCORTANU-MAHU, Nela DINU, Laurentiu-Nicolae TOADER, Danut BURCA, Ciprian HOBINCA and the “crown bearer” Andrei POSTELNICU, and next they came their coordinators and those who supported them in 2017: Adrian GORAN, Marius LASLO, Daniela DANIEL, Ion CISLARU, Florin BORDEI, Ana KOVACS, Trifan GASPAR, Madalina Nicoleta GOSPEI, Dumitru GURGU, Ion Viorel PREDA, Stefan Gheorghe PUNTEA, Marius Ionel DUTU and Dumitru JITARIU.

“We appreciate” the job well done “, the seriousness, perseverance, effort, talent, ingenuity and professionalism, and at this event we had the honor to be with us a personality who precisely because of these attributes performs in the field in which he works. In 2017, they professionally offered personalized products based on customer needs, in addition to diplomas, bonuses and trophies, the winners of the DESTINE Gala also received a “portrait” created with artistic vision and professionalism by Stefan Popa Popa’s. recognized worldwide, our special guests, the representatives of the insurance companies and of the other companies we collaborate with also benefited “, added Romeo BOCANESCU.

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