Destine Awards Gala 2022

On 02.04.2023, in Cluj-Napoca, the long-awaited annual event took place, DESTINE AWARDS GALA 2022.

In a special, but also usual location of recent years, at Grand Hotel Italia , approx. 450 people (collaborators, employees and leaders of the company, Insurers partners and guests) gathered during the 16th edition of the event to celebrate and reward the results and performances of 2022.

Mister. Romeo BOCĂNESCU, General Manager, DESTINE Broker and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Destine Holding, opened the event by thanking the insurers and partners present for the professional support given in the last year of activity.

The most important moments of the Gala were given by the recognition and awarding, in turn, of:

  • performers on each of the intermediated insurance classes;
  • to the best Destine Broker Representations at national level;
  • to the best Destine collaborators on each of the career stages III – X;
  • to the best of the best,…..Broker of the Year 2022.

For the awarding, gradually, Insurer partners or guests took the stage, actively participating in the awarding of the diplomas and trophies offered to the winners.

LET’S see the winners too…

We have the following winners in the category of performing collaborators at insurance brokers

  • Class A1 – accident insurance – Cristina Ghipu – Tundreci;
  • Class A2 – health insurance (individual) – Daniela – Irina Popa;
  • Class A3 – CASCO – Marian Pițigoi;
  • Class A8 – fire and calamity insurance – Iosif Copăcianu;
  • Class A9 – agricultural insurance – Robert – Cătălin Vornicu;
  • Class A10 – CMR și ROT – Elena – Luiza Ghioca;
  • Class A13 – civil liability insurance – Marian Pițigoi;
  • Class A15 – guarantee insurance – Andrei Olaru;
  • Class A18 – Travel insurance – Ovidiu – Gabriel Sandu;
  • Class C – Life insurance – Daniela – Irina Popa;
  • Proceeds NON-RCA – Andrei Olaru;
  • Total receipts – Marian Pițigoi.

In the category of the best Destine Representations at the territorial level, the top 5 were as follows:

  • Representative Bacău – locul 5;
  • Representative Cluj – locul 4;
  • Representative Suceava – locul 3;
  • Representative Ploiești – locul 2;
  • Representative Ialomița – locul 1.

The most anticipated section of the AWARDS GALA DESTINE – 2022, the awarding of awards related to career steps and the BROKER OF THE YEAR 2022 Trophy, was full of emotion.

The winning collaborators on the career ladders are:

  • Broker Tier – Ligia – Eugenia Alexiu;
  • Broker Coordinator level – Ioana Mușat;
  • Senior Broker level – Mihaela – Ramona Bodnar;
  • Prime Broker Tier – Bogdan Alecu;
  • Zonal Broker Tier 1 – Marius – Valentin Bliduți;
  • Zonal Broker Tier 2 – Sebastian Zeicu;
  • Regional Broker Tier 1 – Anghel Papici;
  • Regional Broker Tier 2 – Mihai – Alexandru Ursuț.

As for the BROKER OF THE YEAR Trophy, after a collegial and professional battle and several deliberations, the TROPHY was won by Mr. Bogdan Alecu, from Galaţi – Destine Brașov 2 Representation.

The full standings for the coveted Broker of the Year 2022 trophy are:

  • 5th place – Marius – Valentin Bliduți;
  • 5th place – Lăcrămioara Dascălu;
  • 4th place – Sebastian Zeicu;
  • 3th place – Anghel Papici;
  • 2nd place – Mihai – Alexandru Ursuț;
  • 1st place – Bogdan Alecu.

The event ended with a well-deserved festive dinner and party, good mood, hugs, dialogue between colleagues, partners and guests taking their role.

The fun was at its highest, being coached by big names from the Romanian show-biz.