DESTINE BROKER INSURANCE-REINSURANCE in collaboration with Daune.Expert provides a innovative service in case of vehicle damages.

RCA and CASCO policy holders can use this service through a smartphone application, recently launched by Daune.Expert. Key features of this service include:

  • reduces the client’s stress in case of a vehicle accident
  • working through all the necessary steps and investigating the damage file
  • auxiliary services that are not covered by RCA insurance (for example – towing the guilty driver’s car from the accident place)
  • complete and secure information from the accident place for the insurer, in real time, including early warning in case of injuries.
  • all information is provided online and available to insurer through web services or access to daune.expert portal, claims assessment in the injured-insurer-car service relation.

Services included with Daune.Expert

assistance when the damage file is opened through the mobile application

special phone assistance in case of damages (call center)

assistance when opening the damage claim through our call center

free vehicle towing, for damaged driver as well as for the guilty driver (if the car can’t be moved)

mandate the company representative through injured person representation in front of the insurer

appointment for ascertainment in front of the insurer

the possibility to receive another car for as long as the repair service takes place

mandate the injured driver and the guilty driver for the insurer

assistance for the beneficiary of the compensation when the repair estimate is issued

choosing the right repair solutions and choosing a perfect repair shop

monitoring your car repair process in service and reports on how the repair is going  (photo and text)

assistance for the compensation beneficiary when the car is received from the service

Mobile app presentation video

Download the app from AppStore or GooglePlay

According to Daune.Expert officials, in case the client has a smartphone, it is important for him to use the mobile app because this way, photos of the accident and from the accident place will be taken, along with photos of the cars involved, road signs, involved drivers documents and date and time. All these will eliminate any ambiguity or any other concerns about how the accident occurred, leading to a fast decision regarding your file.

The mobile service will be sold through the broker web platforms. The released document attests the service coverage and expiration date along with all other necessary instructions.