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15 minutes with an entrepreneur: Marius Laslo, Destine Broker: We rely on life and health insurance in the future to grow. It is a place to grow, health insurance is covered only 15%

Destine Broker is an insurance brokerage company established in 2007, and this year it estimates a volume of intermediated premiums of 100 million euros ♦ In the top of insurance brokers in 2020, Destine occupies the third position.

Marius Laslo, CEO of Destine Broker, an insurance brokerage firm, says the company will focus on health and life insurance for business development in the future, with two categories where there is room for growth.

“We rely on life and health insurance in the future to grow. There is also room for growth in Casco because not even 20% of the market is insured, and for health insurance the coverage is probably about 15% “, says Marius Laslo, executive director of Destine Broker, during the ZF show 15 minutes entrepreneur: How do we keep the economy running ?, a project by Ziarul Financiar and Alpha Bank.

The brokerage company was established in 2007, and Marius Laslo says that the insurance market has changed significantly since then and until now, given that at the beginning of the company’s activity, the demand was largely only for compulsory insurance, but over time , people have become increasingly interested in taking out liability, health or life insurance.

“Until the Revolution, the insurance market was non-existent. Then, foreign companies started coming to Romania and then the founders of Destine Broker realized that there was room for a brokerage firm to mediate the insurance process. It is a place for development, we have not yet reached maturity “, he explains.

Marius Laslo points out that the pandemic had a negative effect on Destine Broker’s business only in the first months, when not much was known about the disease, but over the past year, the company has managed to adapt to new working conditions and work with customer and remote.

The demand from online has increased significantly, so that online interaction was at 15% before the pandemic, and now it has increased at about 45%.

“Human interaction remains basic, our customers want to interact with someone, to ask questions, to know which product to choose. However, there is a trend towards online in the area of the young generation, which interacts faster through technical methods “, explains Marius Laslo.

In addition to the growth of the online area, in the last year people have been more interested in health insurance, so the demand for them has increased, mainly to cover the risk of getting COVID-19.

Marius Laslo says there is a return to the demand for insurance, so Destine Broker ended the first quarter of this growing year in terms of policy intermediation. Estimates for the entire year 2021 on the volume of intermediated premiums are around 100 million euros.

In 2020, the top insurance brokers were led by Safety Broker, followed by Marsh Broker and Destine Broker. The volume of premiums brokered by insurance brokerage companies at the end of 2020 reached 7.86 billion lei, increasing by 9.1%. Destine Broker alone brokered premiums of 451 million lei (over 90 million euros) last year, with a market share of 5.72%


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