Natural Persons

Destine Assist


Roadside assistance insurance is a policy that offers complete coverage, both in Europe and in Romania. Vehicles up to 3.5 tons (excluding vans, taxis, rent-a-car and vehicles used for distribution) and over 3.5...

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Family Third Party Liability


Don't you have a home insurance that also includes civil liability? Insuring the family's civil liability towards third parties is the ideal solution. But you have to think that you will always be...

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Dangerous and Agressive Dogs


  The insurance of legal civil liability of the owners of dangerous and aggressive dogs comes in addition to the laws regarding the keeping of dogs in Romania. Thus, the owners of dogs...

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Professional civil liability


  This professional civil liability insurance aims at compensating the damages caused mainly by the negligence in the exercise of the profession, by the practitioners of some professions that offer consultancy or provide...

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Travel Insurance

asigurare de calatorie Destine Broker

If you have planned a vacation or are going abroad in the interest of work, it would be good to put in your luggage a travel insurance, so that, in case of an...

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Home Insurance


Starting with 2015, you can purchase an optional home insurance only if you have concluded a compulsory home insurance policy. Find out more details about home insurance from Destine Broker Insurance-Reinsurance in the...

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The imbalance of the budget of the public pension system raises questions about its ability to ensure the necessary comfort at retirement age. Fortunately for all of us, starting with 2007, in Romania...

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CASCO Insurance


DESTINE INSURANCE BROKER - REINSURANCE can always advise you on the risks to which your car is exposed and can recommend you to buy adequate protection, adapted to your specific needs and budget,...

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RCA Insurance

When you are behind the wheel, under the stress of a busy traffic, in which you are exposed to the risk of an accident, the obligatory motor third party liability policy, in short...

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Health Insurance

A private health insurance is an efficient option to benefit from medical services at quality standards higher than those offered by the public health system. DESTINE INSURANCE - REINSURANCE BROKER consultants can facilitate...

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