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Roadside assistance insurance is a policy that offers complete coverage, both in Europe and in Romania. Vehicles up to 3.5 tons (excluding vans, taxis, rent-a-car and vehicles used for distribution) and over 3.5 tons can be insured only by accident (tractor head, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers) with owners of legal or natural persons provided that the maximum age of the vehicle does not exceed 10 years.

The main coverages of the roadside assistance policy are:
  • intervention at the event site (down to rubber, up to fuel, loss of keys, discharged battery, mechanical or electrical failure, etc.);
  • towing to the nearest authorized service;
  • if the repair of the vehicle lasts more than a day, the following are provided: accommodation / transport home by train or plane / car rental / taxi;
  • delivery of spare parts;
  • repatriation of the vehicle following an accident;
  • legal assistance and translation services;

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